iotree - Smart sensing solutions for tree protection

Unique pest sensing technology that detects threats in trees before they cause damage

the challenge

The red palm weevil presents a great challenge for palm tree protection, since visible signs and symptoms of attack appear only when it is too late to save the tree

the solution

The Agrint innovative sensing technology provides early detection and alerts for any red palm weevil threats to trees

The market

Ornamental Palms

Date Palms

Oil Palms

Coconut Palms

iotree - Internet of trees

3-step process to provide real-time alerts on any weevil threat to the tree


Each tree is outfitted with a durable and energy efficient sensor with advanced technology allowing to detect the activity  of the Red Palm Weevil larvae. The sensor is highly sensitive to the slightest movement of the larvae even in its early stages of development, yet sophisticated enough to filter out anything that could lead to a false alarm. No matter the size of the tree or larvae, our sensor will provide early detection of weevil activity.



Sensor information and detection measures are continuously used for big data analysis.  This step allows for ever-evolving trend analysis to ensure alerts are always one step ahead of the pests’ behavioral patterns.



Data is sent in real-time to your computer, mobile device or tablet. The easy-to-navigate app allows for instant access to critical information that can pinpoint an infested tree and save it from destruction.


Global data analysis, cloud-based servers and Web-based software applications

All information found on an easy-to-use application

Get your alerts… anytime, anywhere

our online tools

save the trees

Early detection and treatment prevents collapse of the tree

The Agrint Advantage

Monitor tree treatment

Validate pesticides’ desired effect on pests

save the environment

Use pesticides only on infected trees

easy deployment

Fast & easy installation, intuitive setup

reduce costs

Prevent the costly replacement of a dead tree and minimize pesticide use

fast ROI

Reduce the pesticide costs and increase total yield

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.