IoTree® – HTP

Home Tree Protector,
all you need to protect your garden trees
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A unique sensing technology that detects pests in trees before they cause damage

The Challenge:

We love our gardens, we spend our time and resources on maintaining our garden.
We remove stakes, keep weeds away, irrigate, fertilize, mulch, protect the roots,
Tree boring pests are a major threat to both ornamental and fruit-yielding trees, as visible signs and symptoms often appear only after the tree has sustained irreversible damage.

Red Palm Weevil

African palm-weevil

South American Palm Weevil

The Solution:

Agrint’s innovative sensing technology provides early detection, sends alerts on the presence of a tree borer in the early stages of its infestation and Monitors the effectiveness of treatment. Using intelligent seismic sensors installed within the tree and easily integrated with Smart Home systems, this technology informs you as soon as a pest is threatening your trees, allows you to better manage your pesticide use and keeps your garden safe and blooming.

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Suitable for the Following Tree Species:

How Does It Works?

3-step process that provides real-time alerts
to protect trees.


Each tree is equipped with a durable, energy-saving sensor. Using advance technology, this sensor can detect the larva activity inside the tree. The sensor's high sensitivity allows it to detect even the slightest movement of larva even in their early stages. At the same time, its sophisticated algorithm filters out anything that could result in a false alarm.


The data is then analysed and processed through a gateway to the Cloud, where big data analysis is performed. This step ensures that alerts are always one step ahead of the pest's behavioral patterns.


Finally, you receive the results, and any alerts on pest activity, directly to the app - accessible through your home computer, personal phone or tablet. This intuitive and user-friendly app gives you instant and easy access to all the information about the health of the trees in your garden.

IoTree® Home Tree Protector (HTP)

Easy, user-friendly installation - Get alerts for pests in your trees - Monitor your treatment and its effectiveness.

Online Home Tree Protector (HTP)

  • Monitor all your trees from one App.
  • Use pesticide ONLY when and where it's needed.
  • Treat infested trees directly and spare your precious garden from redundant chemicals.
  • Kit includes: Two sensors | WiFi Gateway | Application access | Manual
  • Extended kit available: Contains four sensors.

Protected Trees

Agrinet solution protects the following trees:

Date Palm

Red Palm Weevil

Ornamental Palms

Red Palm Weevil

Oil Palm

Red Palm Weevil

Coconut Palm

Red Palm Weevil

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