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Frequently Ask Questions

Would bird and other critter activity (squirrels and rats) set off the alarms?

Agrint: No! Alarms are not set off by animals. Our sensors filter background noises including those from animals, planes, wind, and rain and concentrate on only giving you an early warning as to the presence of the pests on your trees.

What is the maximum range of the gateway to sensors/in between sensors?

Agrint: The maximum distance is 40 meters (about 131 feet), between the gateway and sensors, as well as in between sensors, depending on the physical conditions, of course. If, for example, there are buildings or electrical lines in between, the distance may be reduced, as Bluetooth is used to create the Mesh network in between sensors and with the gateway.

Would the sensors be more effective if placed on the upper section of the trunk closer to the head?

Agrint: It depends on the age/height of the tree. For younger trees, the sensors are installed closer to the ground, while the opposite is true for older/taller trees. Please click here to visit Agrint Support and read our installation guide.

How much does the system cost and what does it include?

Agrint: Our pricing is very straightforward: sensors & gateways have a one-time purchase fee, after which a yearly service fee is charged per sensor, granting you access to the online dashboards, mobile apps, support, etc. The sensors come ready for installation and include the necessary screws and batteries with a 2-year+ life expectancy. Batteries are easy to replace, and all parts are guaranteed for 10 years.
Each gateway can handle up-to 1,000 sensors and the entire system is hands-free, meaning that you do not need any connectivity to a power grid.

Do you have a reseller in my area?

Agrint: As of today, we have resellers in selected locations, so please contact our sales team for information about your specific location. Agrint currently has hundreds of thousands of sensors installed around the world, including in Spain, Italy, France, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and other locations.

Will I still need to use pesticides once the sensor is installed?

Agrint: Our sensors do not prevent the laying of the eggs by the Red Palm Weevil and other pests, but they do detect the very moment the eggs become larvae (Agrint will detect a 1cm larvae), so that you can receive an early warning and save the trees on time.
Usual infestation rates range in between 2 to 5%! This means that today you are needlessly using pesticides in no fewer than 95% of your trees! With Agrint, the moment we detect an infested tree, you can treat it with the approved pesticides. What’s more, since pesticides are only effective 70% of the time, our system will also track the treatment for you and tell you if it was successful or if an additional treatment is needed.

Would other flies’ activities set off the alarms?

Agrint: No! Our IoTrap has been specifically designed to react solely to the presence of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly (MFF). Agrint’s IoTrap is based on innovative technology that doesn’t attract other flies, or count them towards your alarm score. As such, you will only receive a warning as to presence of the MFF in your plantation.

What is the maximum coverage of a single IoTrap?

Agrint: The IoTrap generally captures and counts the presence of Mediterranean Fruit Flies within a radius of 100 meters. Larger farms can be covered using 2 or more traps.

How often should the IoTrap be emptied?

Agrint: The IoTrap offers you a hands-free solution as it empties itself automatically each day.

How are alerts received when the presence of flies in the orchard is detected?

Agrint: The trap transmits the data directly to the cloud via GSM/4G (using a regular SIM card) so that you can receive real-time alerts to your computer or mobile phone. For areas without cellular network connectivity, the data can be downloaded into Agrint’s mobile app via Bluetooth.

Do you have a reseller in my area?

Agrint: As of today, we have resellers in selected locations, so please contact our sales team for information about your specific location.

Is the trap able to report on other flies as well?

Agrint: The IoTrap can be adjusted to detect presence of other flies. Please contact us for details.

What is the lifespan of the trap and its batteries?

Agrint: The lifespan of the IoTrap is guaranteed for 10 years. Its batteries must be renewed each season (usually yearly), as does the pheromone used to attract the flies.

Besides regular seasonal maintenance, are there any other manual steps required?

Agrint: The IoTrap requires a general, yearly cleaning to ensure continued effectiveness.

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