Use farm data to improve farming results.

PlanTM - Farm Manager
Practical management system that uses sensors to enhance farm efficiency and performance

The Challenge:

Planting activities are dealt with collectively, not on an exact per tree basis.
Tracking and documentation is done manually.
This leads to lost crops, lower efficiency and higher costs.

African palm-weevil

South American Palm Weevil

Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle

Red Palm Weevil

The Solution:

We have developed Plan TM – Farm Manager, a data-driven solution that increases farming efficiency and productivity by managing field teams, processors, harvesting & amp; Tree tracking, all from one unified interface.


Using a comprehensive management, interface, farm resources & needs can be easily defined, so our system can reduce operational costs & increase crops.

With comprehensive management and interface, farm resources and needs are easily identifiable, so that our system can reduce operational costs and increase yields.
PlanTM will also provide:
– Real-time alerts on infected trees
– Control the progress of farm workers
– Effective resource management
Product control and fault detection capabilities
User Interface – to report activity
Take advantage of the user interface to manage trees on the farm, enter follow-up data (such as diseases, productivity, treatments), and engage in administrative processes related to production and treatment.

Data collection:

Sensors identify trees, collect treatment information in real time, and save the data in the cloud.


Algorithms process and analyze data and provide useful insights.

Visual Reporting:

The continuous graphic display of the farm on the map shows:
Infected trees
Advances in operations and treatments
The location of all assets
Our advanced filters will only allow the app to display information relevant to specific users.


Provides a fast, efficient, and low-power connection between the sensors and the gate. The portal transmits information directly to the end user's application.

Online way to manage your plantation. The sensor that’ll save your trees

  • -Global data analysis, cloud-based servers and web-based software applications
  • -All information is available on an easy-to-use application
  • -End-users receive alerts… anytime, anywhere

Early detection of pests in trees

Agrinet solution protects the following trees:

Coconut Palm

African palm-weevil

Date Palm

African palm-weevil


African palm-weevil

Mango Tree

African palm-weevil

Oil Palm

African palm-weevil


South American Palm Weevil

Farmers all over the world
have already chosen Agrint:

Paul from Bioassays, France, 06/2021

"Bioassays – France strives to create an integrated industry with high technological and environmental added values.
The IoTree®️ Solution by Agrint attracted us for two main reasons: the first was that we wanted our clients to have a green solution for their palm trees and the second was that we were thoroughly impressed with the idea that like us, Agrint works to save palm trees!
As a consultant and supplier to several municipalities such as Mandelieu, Cannes and others, we believe it is our duty as a company to ensure that our customers have more than an environmental solution, they must have a solution that will prevent the loss of lives and property, caused by the collapse of trees. This solution is be provided by the IoTree®️, by sending advanced alerts for infection in trees, allowing for preventative actions."

Itamar, Moshav Idan, Israel, 4/2021

“At our orchard, we don’t use pesticides as a preventative measure. In 2020, we discovered and treated infestations on 18% of our trees. In 2021 (thus far), we have identified and treated infestations of 3% of our trees. In essence, this means that I am able to focus pesticide treatment on infested trees alone.”

Faraj, Libya, 6/2021

“In order to protect my palm trees from RPW and find out that there is an efficient and cost-effective way to fight it, I installed an IoTree in my plantation”

Avner, Bekaot, Israel, 12/2020

“In our area, the Weevil attacks with brute force. Despite using preventative pesticides, our sensors identified infestations of four trees, which were subsequently treated and saved.”

Ronen, Reshafim, Israel, 12/2020

“Thanks to the sensors, we received notifications about infestations of 13 trees. We adapted our treatment protocol until new reports indicated that all of our trees were clean. Our treatment plan transitioned into one that is focused, effective, and economical.”

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